Lovense app - Tophy

What is Tophy?

Tophy is an all-round social app that provides multiple ways for users looking for interaction with strangers. Whether you're exploring the exciting experience of Lovense toy control, looking for interesting conversations, making new friends, or finding the ideal dating partner, Tophy is the perfect choice for you.

With Tophy you can...


Combine toys, voice, and video for endless possibilities.


Find people for a toy-control session. Share control of your Lovense toys with others, and explore the limits of shared pleasure together.


connect with like-minded individuals based on shared interests.


Share a secret moment with someone special.


Connect & Explore Shared Pleasure

Tophy offers a safe and exciting environment where you can find compatible partners to embark on exhilarating adventures together.

Meaningful Connections

Find a date on Tophy! Make meaningful connections and find your match. Tophy uses user preferences and desires to recommend potential partners, ensuring that users find like-minded individuals and establish meaningful connections with them.

Connect with Like-minded People Nearby for Interactions

Chatting in real time on Tophy is safe and discrete, share your experiences and fantasies in private.

Intimate Dating Platform

Connect with other like-minded individuals in Tophy and make long term connections.


Lonvese Tophy 是幫你尋找控制你玩具的另一半,他能夠幫你去搜尋不同國家的人、不同種族,而且不同身份的人,幫你跟陌生人聯繫在一起,這就是tophy 的厲害之處。